The Walk Box - part 1 background

I created a box containing 365 images and details describing a walk taken on each day of 2017.

Postcard size, with a collage or drawn image on one side and details of the walk on the back, the 365 pieces form a complete record of the places I walked in 2017. They all include the date, the mileage, who accompanied me and some also include descriptive detail, with the image on the front aiming to give a flavour of each walk.

I noticed people were wearing ‘fitbits’ and were talking about counting steps and as I walk a lot I wondered if I ever walked over 1000 miles in one year. I decided to record each walk taken on each day of that year as a kind of walk diary and an art project.

2017 included a few trips away to Amsterdam, London and Greece, a walking holiday in the Cotswolds and weekend walks in the local area and further afield in Scotland. A lot of walks were straight out of my door to the North Inch Campus where I work or Asda supermarket and the local retail park or the North Inch parklands nearby. Some of the walks became runs.

At the end of 2017, I put the box away as I had been so involved with it for so long, spreading out the pieces, looking at the writing. Recently I’ve begun to study it again and looking at the images afresh, some of the compositions are beginning to stand out.