Lomond evening

An escape from the studio for a few evening hours at the end of August walking and drawing in the Lomonds. There was a still, golden atmosphere, warm and buzzing with insects. Sitting in the hollows to the north of the path running between the two hills, there's a clear view of both and of the farmland below leading away to a smaller line of hills. A seemingly simple landscape but full of detail, the patchwork of pale gold late summer arable fields with dark boundary lines of hedge and trees stretching away to the distance and the waving blond grasses and clumped purple heather of the hillside all around. Sounds were the light breeze in the grass, murmured voices of the passing walkers on the path and the sheep in the distance. As the breeze dropped biting midges arrived so up in search for the remains of 'Maiden Castle' on the north side of the brae. Having no map and after wandering through the hillocks and round still bog pools of water boatmen found no sign of ramparts. The breeze had got up again and there was time for another drawing.