Walking through the landscape plays a very important role in informing my art practice and I aim to explore the experience of it. It’s partly to do with an immersion in a particular place and also to do with an investigation into the detail of elements like land forms and flora found within it. I use the photographs I take while walking as a record of the different landscapes and their detail. I make rubbings, drawings and also artist books to record particular walks, as evocations of memories and to explore the experience further.

I also created a ‘Walking Box’ containing an image and description of 365 walks, one for each walk taken every day of 2017. I wanted to keep a ‘walk diary’, to see how far I might walk in one ordinary year and make a collection of images without knowing how it would look as a whole. Looking back through the images, it’s clear to see the changes in colour and light across the months and seasons and the repeated motifs as I walk the same walks.